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Program Delivery and Phases

The Walk Bridge achieved the following milestones in 2015:


30% Design

A preliminary 30% Design was submitted in October 2015. A final 30% Design is due in Spring 2016.

Rights-of Way

CTDOT is proceeding to identify necessary acquisitions and construction easements and working directly with impacted property owners.

Partnering Workshop

CTDOT held an initial Partnering Workshop in December 2015 to bring together all involved parties to establish working relationships and identify shared program goals and key issues.

Environmental Review

Public and Agency Scoping

Public scoping, conducted in February 2015, and Agency Scoping, in March 2015, identified the overall scope of the environmental review and resources to be evaluated in the Environmental Assessment/Environmental Impact Evaluation (EA/EIE) under the joint NEPA/CEPA process.

Existing Conditions

Following scoping, existing conditions of resources and methodologies for assessing impacts were documented for the draft EA/EIE.

Cooperating and Participating Agencies

Cooperating and Participating Agencies were identified and coordination on potential impacts and methodologies has been ongoing.

Section 106 Process

As part of the Section 106 Process, regarding impacts to historic resources, a preliminary historic assessment was conducted to identify the Area of Potential Effect. Design charrettes were held in August 2015 and March 2016 to identify potential impacts and mitigation for historic resources.

CM/GC Process

CTDOT established a selection process for the Construction Manager/General Contractor. A Request for Qualifications was issued, and CTDOT received six responses. CTDOT subsequently issued a Request for Proposals and shortlisted four of the six candidate firms. Cianbro-Middlesex was selected as the Construction Manager/General Contractor based on a combination of technical score and price.

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