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The Walk Bridge Program

The Walk Bridge Program consists of several inter-related rail and infrastructure projects in Norwalk, CT. 

The centerpiece of the Program is the replacement of the Norwalk River Railroad (WALK) Bridge.

Construction is anticipated to begin on the Walk Bridge replacmenet in Spring 2023, pending receipt of a series of environmental permits. 

The new Walk Bridge enhances the safety and reliability of rail service, offers operational flexibility and provides for increased capacity and efficiencies of rail transportation along the Northeast Corridor (NEC), while maintaining and improving navigational capacity and dependability in the Norwalk River.

Follow the links below to learn more about the Walk Bridge Replacement and other major projects.

The existing 127-year-old, deteriorating swing-span that carries four tracks over the Norwalk River will be replaced with a new two-span, state-of-the-art Vertical Lift bridge.

A four-track interlocking system installed on the New Haven Line near Norden Place provides greater service flexibility by allowing trains to easily switch from one track to another.

Newly installed and electrified railroad tracks on the Danbury Branch allow trains traveling to/from Grand Central Terminal to be redirected back to New York without utilizing the New Haven mainline tracks. Infrastructure upgrades include a replacement of the Ann Street railroad bridge, revitalized dockyard area and new catenary structures.

Several other inter-related rail and infrastructure projects along the MNR New Haven Line in Norwalk are being updated and details will be available soon.


The cost of the Walk Bridge replacement and other projects, including design, rights of way and construction are currently being updated.
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