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CTDOT is committed to an open and transparent public involvement process, and is implementing a variety of outreach tools to facilitate meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders.

The Walk Bridge Team will communicate accurate and timely information throughout the duration of the Walk Bridge Program (the Program). Beyond what is presented on this site, plans and updates will be presented regularly to local and state officials and area civic organizations. This two-way conversation provides reliable Program information to the general public and officials and brings a broad variety of perspectives to the Program leadership.

As part of the environmental process, the Program continues to coordinate with state and federal agencies to assess potential impacts to resources and develop mitigation measures. During the design phase, the Program is partnering with the City of Norwalk and working closely with stakeholders to best identify, address and incorporate potential concerns to the extent possible into the bridge design.

The Program is holding a series of meetings with local residents, businesses, abutters and civic groups to relay current Program information. These meetings include coordination with Metro-North Railroad and Amtrak to minimize transportation impacts during construction, as well as coordination with the Norwalk Harbor Management Commission, Norwalk Rowing Organizations, and Marine Operators to develop strategies that address the impacts to the waterway during construction. If your group is interested in learning more about the Program, please contact us to set up a meeting with our Program team.

In addition to stakeholder meetings, the Program will continue to hold Public Information Meetings throughout the Design and Environmental Phases to inform the public of upcoming work, provide status updates and discuss community concerns. View planned upcoming meetings.

CTDOT will establish a local presence with informational kiosks in public areas, project tours and other events, and direct outreach in stations to promote awareness and engagement with the community. In addition, when the Fender Repair project begins, CTDOT will maintain a local office that will serve as an additional resource for public information, including Program exhibits, maps, brochures, fact sheets and other materials.

CTDOT is coordinating with a large number of projects in the Norwalk and Westport communities that are scheduled for construction in a similar timeframe as the Walk Bridge. The CTDOT is evaluating impacts and coordinating with each project as well as the City of Norwalk to minimize potential impacts. CTDOT plans to hold a public Open House Event that will present information on these Norwalk and Westport projects in the Spring/Summer of 2016.

This page will continue to be updated as the public involvement program continues to evolve. For more information and to receive timely status updates sign up for the Program's email updates.

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