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Business Coordination

As the Program progresses, the development of a Business Coordination Plan continues with a focus on proposed mitigation for construction impacts to local businesses. The Program is evaluating business operations and concerns through a Business Coordination Survey, originally launched in March 2018. There are 14 questions on the survey which takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Photo of neighborhood business

A variety of outreach methods accompanied the launch of the survey. After an initial public meeting for local business owners held in February 2018, the survey was released with a goal of attracting a range of businesses. Hard copy surveys are available at information kiosks in city hall, the South Norwalk train station, the Maritime Garage, IMAX Theater and in the Walk Bridge Welcome Center. The electronic survey is available here and on our social media accounts.


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In the Neighborhoods

To supplement the efforts outlined above, door-to-door outreach has been conducted to businesses throughout Norwalk to gather useful data in advance of Walk Bridge Construction.

Map of Business Coordination Plan

Seven geographic ‘hot zones’ guided the door-to-door outreach (see the map to the right), seeking to reach businesses that abut project areas. Businesses in South and East Norwalk have been placed into hot zones based on this notion. The hot zones were formed to organize the Program’s door-to-door outreach efforts, not to exclude any particular business or organization. Any business in the Norwalk area is encouraged to fill out the survey, and/or request a meeting with the Program.

Using the information gathered, the Program will address construction-related impacts through a mitigation plan. This plan will include two-way communications with local businesses regarding the project schedule and activities, as well as strategies to mitigate disruptions to businesses.

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