CP243 Interlocking Project

State Project No. 0301-0181A

The CP243 Interlocking Project includes the construction of a new four-track interlocking system in the vicinity of Norden Place, in Norwalk, CT. An interlocking is a powered switch and signal system that allows trains to move from one track to another. The interlocking is approximately 3,200 feet long, located on the New Haven Line (NHL) between East Norwalk and Westport.

The new interlocking includes six new switches and crossover tracks. The CP243 Interlocking Project includes approximately 6,200 feet of track replacement and realignment, signal and catenary modifications including 18 catenary structure replacements, a power balancing station, and new drainage installed to the north and south of the tracks.

The CP243 Interlocking Project upgrades the fiber optic signal system from Monroe Street, west of the Norwalk River, to a new signal hut just east of the River. This work includes the replacement of signal houses, new connections, and the mounting of the signal cable on the Walk Bridge. A submarine crossing in the Norwalk River just north of the bridge, and in the Saugatuck River in Westport is also included.

Key Milestones & Cost




The construction cost of other elements of the Program, including the CP243 Interlocking and Danbury Branch Dockyard projects, are currently being updated.

What Does CP243 Mean?

CP is the control point, 2 refers to the New Haven Commuter Line and 43 is in reference to the nearest mile post on the rail line, marked from Grand Central Station. 


Reference Documents:

CP243 Interlocking Historic Resources Evaluation Report (October 2016)

Catenary Documentation: Walk Bridge and CP243 Interlocking Projects (December 2017)

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