East Avenue Bridge Replacement and Roadway and Train Station Improvements

State Project No. 301-0187

Built in 1905, the East Avenue Railroad Bridge is over 100-years-old and needs to be replaced. The existing bridge is removed in two stages to take advantage of planned track outages and minimize disruptions to rail service. Horizontal clearance under the bridge widens to approximately 58-feet while vertical clearance increases from 12-feet 2-inches to 14-feet 3-inches. 

The Program is working closely with the City of Norwalk on the East Avenue roadway project. The project includes the widening of approximately 1,600 feet of East Avenue with drainage improvements and new, wider sidewalks on both sides of the road. East Avenue will be lowered allowing for increased vertical clearance and new travel lanes will be added, increasing capacity to four 10 foot lanes under the bridge.

This project also includes improvements to East Norwalk Station. The station receives increased commuter parking including handicap parking on both sides of the tracks. The station platforms are extended to accommodate six train cars in both directions.

Construction will begin approximately one year into construction of the Walk Bridge Replacement Project and last approximately four years.

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