Fort Point Street Bridge Replacement and Roadway Realignment

State Project No. 301-0189

The Fort Point Street Bridge was built in 1941, with the stone retaining walls near the bridge built in 1896. The age of the retaining walls and changes to track alignment require the replacement of the bridge to maintain reliable rail infrastructure. The existing bridge is replaced with a 42 foot, four-track span, increasing the roadway width by approximately 14.5 feet while preserving the existing vertical clearance. 

The new bridge is built to the west of the existing structure to accommodate a realignment of Fort Point Street with South Smith Street creating a T-intersection with improved sightlines. The new intersection, widened travel lanes, new sidewalks and additional bike lanes improve safety and reliability for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Relocating the bridge to the west also allows Fort Point Street to remain open during construction, alleviating traffic impacts in East Norwalk.

The construction schedule is being updated for these projects and will be available soon.

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