The New WALK Bridge Design

The existing four-span WALK Bridge will be replaced with a state-of-the-art multi-span bridge, including 240-foot dual lift spans with fixed east and west approach spans over the Norwalk River.

The vertical lift span design maintains navigation on the Norwalk River and provides a widened, unobstructed channel alignment with the Stroffolino Bridge. The replacement bridge features two movable spans carrying two tracks each, which can be operated individually in case of a necessary track outage.

The lift bridge’s towers are 150 feet above the level of the railroad tracks. This is nearly 100 feet shorter than the existing high towers removed as part of the project. Prominent aesthetic features include machine room enclosures at the top of the towers, arch design, enclosed staircases and elevators, and decorative railing on the exterior walkways. These design considerations were made with local Design Advisory Committee (DAC) members.

Long-Term Reliability

The vertical lift span bridge incorporates innovative engineering and construction techniques and technologies that allow the bridge to be more resilient and withstand extreme weather, load, and external forces.

Fewer Disruptions

This design allows new bridge foundations to be built outside the existing bridge foundations, which permits the current bridge to be operational for a more extended period during construction.

No Extended Navigation or Rail Restrictions

The vertical lift design allows the new bridge to be built in pieces so that two tracks on the New Haven Line remain operational throughout construction with only two-weekend track outages.