Fender Repair Project

repairs on the existing fender system Completed in 2016

The U.S. Coast Guard mandated repairs on the existing fender system at the center (pivot) pier of the Walk Bridge to avoid a public safety issue due to the condition at the east channel. The fender system protects the bridge and maritime traffic from damage in a collision. The repairs were made in the summer of 2016 to replace deteriorated portions of the existing fender system with new timber support piles and horizontal timber walers (bracing).  
CTDOT and the contractor, Cianbro-Middlesex Joint Venture (CMJV), coordinated with the U.S. Coast Guard, City of Norwalk, Harbor Management Commission, Metro-North Railroad (MNR) and local commercial and private maritime users in advance of and throughout the construction for safe passage of vessels during construction periods. The project team coordinated with local businesses, residents and commuters to communicate all upcoming construction activities. 
Although the fender repairs were needed to provide continued safe operations of the bridge and maritime traffic, the work did not include construction on the existing Walk Bridge. This repair was a necessary maintenance activity.  

Construction activities were carried out during daytime hours. Barge and work float construction activities were carried out during weeknights and nighttime. Work equipment was moved off-site each day. 

In-water construction activities included demolishing deteriorated portions of the existing fender system and installing new timbers. Work began in the east channel and moved to the west channel later in the summer. Channel navigation remained open throughout construction.


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Fender Repair Project