East Catenary and Track Breakout Project

The WALK Bridge Program includes inter-related projects along Metro-North Railroad's (MNR's) New Haven Line (NHL) in East and South Norwalk. One of those projects currently under construction is the East Catenary and Track Breakout Project, located on the New Haven Main Line (NHL), between the East Norwalk Train Station and Fort Point Street in East Norwalk.  

The advance work allows essential activities to be completed before or concurrently on the WALK Bridge Replacement Project and for future work on the Fort Point Street Railroad Project, part of CTDOT's TIME-2 Projects

The project includes new overhead contact system (OCS) foundations, catenary structures, and railroad tie replacements. The design of new OCS structures allows for the future local railroad bridge replacements under CTDOT's TIME-2 Project.

The railroad tie replacements improve the tracks on the NHL, so they are up-to-date when the WALK Program runs a two-track railroad service for the WALK Bridge replacement. 


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East Catenary and Track Breakout Project

At A Glance

Start of Construction: September 2022

Anticipated Construction Duration: 2 years


  • 32 Catenary Foundations
  • 11 Catenary Structures
  • 1,100 Railroad Ties