Danbury Branch Dockyard Project

The Danbury Branch Dockyard Project consists of rail improvements, including approximately one mile of electrification, along the Danbury Branch Line between Washington Street and the railroad crossing at Jennings Place.

Construction work started in late 2017 and was completed in November 2023.

The electrification and additional siding tracks allow for the storage and turning of electrified trains during the replacement of the WALK Bridge.

The completed work includes adding two new tracks between Marshall Street and Science Road, track replacement, signal and communication system upgrades, and new catenary structures. 

The Dockyard is located under the I-95 overpass near Oyster Shell Park and includes five tracks that can be used for staging trains when they are not in use on the mainline.

The additional tracks on the Danbury Branch enable commuter trains ending service in South Norwalk to switch directions back toward Grand Central Terminal.

As part of the Danbury Branch Dockyard Project, the superstructure of the rail bridge over Ann Street has been replaced, which features weathering steel deck spans and railings that maintain the 19th-century character of the bridge.


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Danbury Branch Dockyard Project


Start of Construction: October 2017

Construction Completion: November 2023

Completion of Ann Street Bridge: August 2019

Metro-North Railroad Commissioning: November 2023